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How to make money wth Urban Roeways

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Detachable ROPEWAY trams
or called "Cable Propelled Transit" or "urban gondolas" ( U.S. / CAN )
as public transport vehicles of the FUTURE ?

PLEASE NOTE: This single page contains suggestions for small details, descriptions, and for a (networked) cable car system of the future, theoretical ideas, that go beyond the state of the art of the present and needs testing and development!

The cable car in the city has a future. Intra-urban gondolas can solve many traffic problems and transport problems, especially in the developing world. Renewable energy can be used for sustainable transport, CO2 emissions will be avoided, exhaust emissions are significantly reduced in the streets and at the same time increasing the quality of life of urban residents.

The Tricable Ropeway Detachable of the "Bundesgartenschau BUGA" = Federal Garden Show at Koblenz, Germany was constructed and built and
is operated by Austrian ropeway manufacturer Doppelmayr (a planned ropeway for a garden show at Hamburg, germany, 2013 should be built and operated by an „unknown Austrian investor“ too). This Ropeway with the largest carrying capacity of Germany is a prestigous project and also a reference object. The interior equipment of one gondola has been designed with orange bucket seats as an urban ropeway gondola. So that (hopefully) 1½ millions of passengers get an exciting experience or a new discovery of the future of transport.

The Rhine Cable Car in Koblenz must unfortunately be dismantled (because the title "World Cultural Heritage" might put at risk by the cable car). Since the boom with urban cable cars continues and the demand will increase, dismantling and resale is profitable. The operation itself should already be covered costs, every German Federal Garden Show had about 1,5 millions visitors.

If you know that this Federal Garden Show is divided into two areas, which are just linked by the Rhine Cable Car across the Rhine and the fare for the ropeway (or a bus shuttle) is in the € 20,- day ticket included, one can assume that it's a lucrative financial investment of Doppelmayr (with an advertising value). The city of Konstanz was creating an environmental audit, which causes less CO2 emission by this transportation. And because savings CO2 emissions ...

How many fares and CO2-allowances one gets
by expansion of public transport?

„EU carbon allowances break €14 price barrier“
[ source: ]

Look at the video report of
German Broadcast Deutsche Welle
about Metro-Cable de Medellín (Colombia)

Cable Cars in Colombia in English language [ external link to,,14038,00.html ]
Teleféricos en Colombia, en lengua Español [ external link to,,14044,00.html ]
Teleféricos en Colombia, en Portogues língua [ external link to,,13650,00.html ]
Seilbahn in Kolumbien in Deutscher Sprache [ externer Link zu,,14034,00.html ]
Cable Cars in Colombian, perhaps in Arabic language ( I cannot read this typeface )
[ external link to,,13327,00.html ]
Cable Cars in Colombian, perhaps in Chinese Mandarin language
( I cannot read this typeface ) [ external link to,,13311,00.html ]

You can see and listen that these urban ropeways transports about 30,000 passengers a day or in the 51 weeks of operations more than 15 million passengers! Nearly 20,000 tons of CO2 can thus be saved. Calculated with above basis of €14/t CO2,
the Metro Cable de Medellin can trade carbon allowances of €_280,000.-- a year to make money.

Together with the earnings from ticket sales of 15 million passengers a year, it seems plausible, why the director of the company want to "export" the idea of urban ropeways and why new lifts are planned already.


up to...
passengers per hour
( and direction )

construction costs per kilometer

500 million €
to build

500 million €
to transport

subway :


> 500 million €

1 km line

passengers per hour

Light Rail :



Tram :


20 - 33 million €

17 - 25 km
( network )

170.000 - 250.000
passengers per hour

Funicular :



Tricable Ropeway
Detachable :



Funitel®–Ropeway :



Reversible Ropeway :



Monocable Ropeway Detachable :


6,5 million €

77 lines
= 77 km
( network )

passengers per hour

Bus :



Reversible Ropeway :

2.000 ? ? ?


Construction costs of the subway, source in German language:
Construction costs of the tram of Edinburgh, source in German language:
Construction costs of the Urban ropeway to the Zoo Zurich, Switzerland, in German language:

... Where you can compare the transportions and assume that for the amount you need for the construction of a subway line, you get:

  • a complete network of (aerial) trams could be stretched across the urban area,
  • four to five times the passengers could be transported environmentally friendly with reducing CO2 emissions and improving air quality in these urban areas,
  • the most income from ticket sales brings the investment in URBAN ROPEWAYS,
  • the yield of CO2-certificates from URBAN ROPEWAYS is probably highest of all transportations, because CO2 emissions, which are saved, depends on the number of passengers.

Although you must take account of course, a metro or tram reach higher speeds than a cable car (if the lines are long enough and both construction costs are expensive). From mobility research is known, however, that the commuters will accept a constant travel time and the faster and further driving the transportation, the longer is the accepted way to work (commuting radius) and also transportation energy and emissions are increasing. Although it is attractive to choose a job in a distance of 100 km (or even further away if you take twice a day a low cost airline or helicopter), but a lot of energy is wasted and CO2 is produced.

„Gondoling is the new sex“

... could be the new slogan for investment bankers ("sex" interpreted like "attractiveness"). Rapidly growing megacities of the Third World, including China, need better transportations, such as Urban Ropeways.

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